For those who are not familiar with my art, my primary focus is Tucson and the southwest.

I paint digitally using three applications (one, so old that it doesn't even load on newer operating systems).

My goal for each painting is to produce something that is bright and colorful.... even if it means modifying the looks of the original subject. That being said, hopefully I am respectful to the subject ... and its essence comes through.

Something new for me are Portraits.  These will include both figures of the Southwest as well significant political, social and artistic icons.  

While I occasionally participate in local shows, I always have something hanging at the Eclectic Cafe (Sabino Canyon and Tanque Verde).

If you have an any questions, comments or an idea for a painting let me know.

Best wishes
Mike Berren

My Art

I will get back to your email as soon as I can. Sorry, no phone calls accepted.